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7 Best Things to Do in Bellevue Ohio

If you’re looking for best things to do in Bellevue Ohio, look no further! This picturesque town has plenty of exciting places and activities to explore. From visiting Seneca Caverns to learning about local history at the Mad River Museum or Sorrowful Mother Shrine, there is something for everyone. You can also visit Historic Lyme Village or check out Cherry City Honey, and Hunters Needs for unique shopping experiences. And if you’re an avid collector of postcards, remember to visit the Postmark Collectors Club Museum! No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, Bellevue has it all – so come and have a joyful time exploring this wonderful city!

Seneca Caverns

Seneca Caverns is one of the most popular attractions in Bellevue, Ohio. Located just outside the city, it’s a limestone cave system that offers a range of activities for visitors. Whether you’re looking for a day of family fun or an educational experience, Seneca Caverns has something for everyone.

At the entrance to Seneca Caverns, visitors will find an array of unique formations in the limestone walls and ceilings. You can explore the caves on your own or take a guided tour with knowledgeable guides who will explain all about the history and geology of the area. As you explore, you’ll encounter many stunning rock formations such as stalactites, stalagmites and columns.

In addition to exploring the caves, visitors can enjoy some other Seneca Caverns activities. The caverns feature an underground boat ride that takes visitors through various chambers and tunnels while they learn more about the history and geology of this fascinating site. For those looking for more adventurous activities, a wild cave tour provides access to some of the deeper parts of the cave system.

Seneca Caverns also offers several educational programs throughout the year to teach visitors about its geological features and local wildlife and plants. Visitors are also welcome to picnic on-site or participate in organized events like sunset hikes and sunrise yoga classes.

No matter how you spend your time at Seneca Caverns, this unique attraction will surely provide an unforgettable experience for all ages!

Mad River Museum

The Mad River Museum is a great destination to explore the rich history of Bellevue, Ohio. Located near the historic downtown district, the museum features an impressive array of artefacts and displays that tell the story of this small town’s past. The exhibits highlight Bellevue’s growth from a Native American village to an industrial powerhouse in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Visitors can also learn about local businesses, like the famous Hunter’s Needs store that once occupied a prominent spot on Main Street. Additionally, visitors can explore the museum’s many interactive displays that provide a hands-on experience for all ages. From antique tools and classic toys to unique photographs and vintage postcards, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Mad River Museum. Whether you are just passing through or looking for something fun in Bellevue, Ohio, be sure to stop by the Mad River Museum for an unforgettable experience!

Sorrowful Mother Shrine

The Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio, is a beautiful and tranquil place to visit. Located along the Sandusky River, this shrine is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and offers visitors a peaceful respite from their daily lives. While at the shrine, visitors can participate in various activities and offerings such as candlelight vigils, Masses, and prayer services. The shrine also houses a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, while other statues representing Christ’s Passion are located throughout the grounds.

The large outdoor grotto and gardens provide a peaceful atmosphere for outdoor relaxation or contemplation. Visitors can also explore the many trails that meander through the shrine grounds. There are also several roadside chapels along the highway near the shrine’s entrance that are worth exploring as well. Whether you’re looking for an escape from your hectic day or want to pray, visiting the Sorrowful Mother Shrine will be a joyful and enjoyable experience.

Historic Lyme Village

Historic Lyme Village is a great spot in Bellevue, Ohio, to take a step back in time. This living history museum features buildings from the 19th century, including a one-room schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, general store, and more. Visitors can learn about life in rural Ohio during the 1800s through costumed interpreters who explain the various trades and activities of the time. An 1856 church also stands onsite and can be toured for an additional fee. Other attractions at Lyme Village include a grist mill, sawmill, corn cribs, barns, wells and cemeteries. The site offers special activities throughout the year, such as craft workshops, a candlelight tour of the village during December and a Maple Syrup Festival each spring. Historic Lyme Village is open daily from May until October for visitors to explore this unique piece of Ohio’s past.

Cherry City Honey

Cherry City Honey is a great place to visit in Bellevue, Ohio. Located on Main Street, this family-owned business has provided delicious honey and other bee products to the local community since 1983. The owners, Jim and Pat Gallagher are passionate about bees and the environment and have been instrumental in educating the public about their important role in the ecosystem. Visitors can tour the facility, watch a beekeeping demonstration, purchase honey and other bee-related products such as candles and soaps, or take in the sights of bee hives buzzing with activity.

The Gallaghers are committed to producing high-quality honey that is both sustainable and enjoyable for everyone. Their raw wildflower honey is harvested from hives all over northern Ohio, giving it an unmistakably regional flavour. In addition to selling their products at Cherry City Honey, they offer a wide variety of honey from other area producers, such as Sparkleberry Farms and Pigeon Creek Apiaries.

What sets Cherry City Honey apart from other local stores is that Jim and Pat offer educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about beekeeping. They host classes throughout the year covering topics like hive maintenance, harvesting techniques, various treatments for pests and diseases affecting bees, and how to start your backyard beehive. With this wealth of knowledge, you’ll be ready to make amazing honey!

Hunters Needs

Hunters Needs is a one-stop shop for all your hunting needs in Bellevue, Ohio. Located on SR 20, Hunters Needs offers top-notch supplies and gear to fit any hunter’s needs. From ammunition, decoys and blinds to game cameras, optics and knives—you name it, they have it!

The knowledgeable staff at Hunters Needs can help you select the perfect weapon for your next hunt, a rifle or a bow. They also carry extensive camo clothing, hunting vests and insulated boots. And when you need to upgrade or repair your existing gear, Hunters Needs carries parts for most major brands and other helpful accessories like gun cases and cleaning kits.

For the experienced hunter looking to sharpen their skills or the novice just getting started in the sport, Hunters Needs also offers classes for firearm safety certification and archery instruction. With their wide selection of ammo and shooting targets available onsite, you can continue honing your craft long after class.

Whether planning a day trip or organizing a weekend getaway with friends, check out Hunters Needs in Bellevue!

Postmark Collectors Club Museum

The Postmark Collectors Club Museum in Bellevue, Ohio, is a must-see for anyone passionate about collecting and preserving postmarks. Located in the historic Prospect Hall, this museum offers visitors a fascinating look at the history of postcards, stamps, and other postal artefacts.

The museum features an extensive collection of vintage postcards and stamps dating back to the 19th century. Many of these postcards have been hand-written with beautiful calligraphy, providing a unique glimpse into the past. Visitors can also find letters from famous historical figures, including President Abraham Lincoln. Additionally, several interactive displays allow visitors to view and study different types of stamps worldwide.

Postmark Collectors Club Museum also has a library dedicated to researching postal artefacts from around the globe. Here, visitors can find books about stamp-collecting techniques and information about specific countries’ postal systems and histories. Visitors can even search through photo archives documenting postmarks’ evolution.


Bellevue, Ohio, is a great place to visit for its natural beauty and historical sites. From the Seneca Caverns and Mad River Museum to the Sorrowful Mother Shrine and Historic Lyme Village, plenty of activities keep visitors entertained. Remember to check out Cherry City Honey, Hunters Needs, and the Postmark Collectors Club Museum too! Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or cultural exploration, Bellevue, Ohio, has something for everyone – making it a perfect destination for an enjoyable getaway.

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