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Things to Do in Ephraim Utah

You’re in for a treat when it comes to things to do in Ephraim Utah! There’s something for everyone, from the historic Ephraim Co-Op Mercantile Association to the exciting Sno Cap Lanes and the iconic Skyline Drive along the Great Western Trail. Whether you love exploring historical sites or prefer outdoor activities like hiking and biking, you’ll find something to do in Ephraim. And, of course, take advantage of Pioneer Heritage Gardens, where you can experience a unique glimpse into early pioneer life in this part of Utah. So explore all the wonderful things to do in Ephraim – it’s sure to be an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Ephraim Co-Op Mercantile Association

The Ephraim Co-Op Mercantile Association is a historic building dating back to the late 1800s. Located in downtown Ephraim, Utah, this remarkable building has been an integral part of the community since its inception. The Co-Op provides everything from local produce and goods to clothing and hardware. Visitors can find an incredible selection of unique items, many locally made.

The interior of the building is filled with antiques and artifacts that tell fascinating stories about Ephraim’s pioneer past. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy various activities within the building, including historical tours, lectures, educational programs, quizzes and live music performances. Every Saturday night, visitors can participate in a traditional square dance hosted by local talent.

The exterior of the building offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. It provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as bird watching or simply taking in beautiful scenery. Whether you are looking for something unique to bring home as a souvenir or want to experience some history first-hand, the Ephraim Co-Op Mercantile Association is worth a visit!

Sno Cap Lanes

Sno Cap Lanes is a great place for bowling fun in Ephraim, Utah. Located just off Center Street, Sno Cap Lanes provides a family-friendly atmosphere with ten lanes for bowling, laser tag, and even an arcade!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert bowler, the Sno Cap Lanes staff will ensure you have a great time. They offer special leagues for youth and adult bowlers and open lanes for individual bowlers. No matter your skill level, you’ll be able to find something enjoyable at Sno Cap Lanes.

Kids of all ages can challenge each other to exciting games like air hockey, pinball machines, and more at the arcade. They also offer laser tag in their black-lit arena if you’re looking for more active entertainment. Even better – they have specials running all year round, so everyone can participate in the fun without breaking the bank!

Whether it’s summer or wintertime in Ephraim – Sno Cap Lanes has something fun and exciting for everyone! So join them today and get ready to strike up some fun!

Skyline Drive (Great Western Trail)

Skyline Drive (Great Western Trail) is a great way to explore the beauty of rural Ephraim, Utah. This scenic drive winds through the Sanpete Valley and along the Great Western Trail, offering stunning views of this picturesque region’s majestic mountains and rolling hills. The drive also features several historical sites, including a rustic old farmstead, an old mill and a campground.

The trail starts on the east side of town and gradually climbs up the mountain until it reaches its peak and then levels off at around 9400 ft. From here, riders get breathtaking views of the Sanpete Valley below. Along the way, you’ll pass by lush meadows with wildflowers blooming in springtime and colorful fall foliage in autumn.

If you’re looking for some added adventure, there are plenty of opportunities to take short detours off the main trail and explore nearby waterfalls, lakes or forests. You can also find plenty of places to picnic or camp along your journey.

The Skyline Drive (Great Western Trail) is suitable for all types of riders – beginners can enjoy an easy ride, while experienced cyclists will love tackling some more challenging terrain. No matter your skill level, however, you’re sure to enjoy exploring this beautiful part of Utah!

Pioneer Heritage Gardens

Pioneer Heritage Gardens in Ephraim, Utah, is an outdoor destination that will take you back in time. Located on the grounds of the historic Ephraim Co-Op Mercantile Association, this garden features a variety of pioneer-themed attractions and amenities. From a replica sod house to a restored blacksmith shop and even an old-fashioned handcar, there is something for everyone at Pioneer Heritage Gardens.

The gardens are filled with life-size replicas of tools and buildings used by early settlers. There are also interactive activities such as grinding grain on an old-fashioned millstone, creating rope using a rope maker, and firing a cannon to learn how ammunition was made during the days of the pioneers. For those interested in history, an interpretive center provides information about the area’s past and its significance to Ephraim’s history.

Visitors can also explore the gardens themselves or participate in one of many educational events held throughout the year at Pioneer Heritage Gardens. The park hosts several community gatherings such as concerts, lectures, workshops, and more that focus on topics related to Utah’s early settlers. There are also guided tours for families or groups interested in learning more about Utah’s history or exploring the area’s heritage sites.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to spend your day in Ephraim, Utah, Pioneer Heritage Gardens is worth checking out! With its beautiful scenery and unique attractions, it’s sure to be a memorable experience for all who visit.


In conclusion, Ephraim, Utah, is a great place to explore and experience the beauty of the Wild West. From shopping at the historic Ephraim Co-op Mercantile Association to bowling at Sno Cap Lanes, there’s something for everyone in this small but charming town. Take a drive on Skyline Drive (Great Western Trail) and soak up the grandeur of the landscape or explore Pioneer Heritage Gardens and discover the history behind this unique corner of America. Whether visiting for a day or staying longer, Ephraim has plenty of activities to entertain you.

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