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5 Best Things to Do in Cable Wisconsin

Welcome to Cable, Wisconsin! There’s no shortage of fun activities here, from enjoying the scenic outdoors to participating in some fantastic local attractions. From Cirkl North and Telemark Golf Course to Ammo’s Evergreen Tavern and Runamuk Rides, there are plenty of ways to make your visit to Cable enjoyable. Take a hike on the Forest Lodge Nature Trail or explore the Cable Natural History Museum for an educational experience – however, you choose to spend your time in Cable, it’s sure to be memorable!

Cirkl North

Cirkl North is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone! Located just outside of Cable, Wisconsin, this unique outdoor adventure offers something special for visitors of all ages. From the breathtaking views of Lake Namakagon to the thrilling zip line ride that provides an opportunity to take in the lush forest canopy from above, Cirkl North has plenty to offer. Visitors can also take part in mini-golf, horseback riding, and more. For those looking for a leisurely activity, many trails wind through the woods, providing stunning views of the lake and surrounding countryside. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled excursion or a peaceful stroll through nature, Cirkl North is an ideal spot for your next getaway!

Ammo’s Evergreen Tavern

Ammo’s Evergreen Tavern is a unique, family-friendly bar and grill in Cable, Wisconsin. It is situated directly on the lake and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and plenty of outdoor seating to take in the scenery. Inside, the cosy atmosphere is inviting and fun. The menu features classic pub grub, burgers, sandwiches, and more unusual items like deep-fried pickles and jalapeno poppers. With an extensive selection of beers, wines, cocktails and speciality drinks, there’s something for everyone! On weekends, live bands play various music, from country to rock & roll. Ammo also hosts special events such as trivia nights or karaoke competitions, which are great for families or groups of friends looking for something different to do in Cable, Wisconsin.

Runamuk Rides

Runamuk Rides is a great way to explore the stunning beauty of Cable, Wisconsin. In the picturesque Northwoods, Runamuk offers an unforgettable experience for travellers of all ages. Choose from various guided tours, from leisurely rides that take you through local hills and valleys to fast-paced thrill rides that keep your adrenaline pumping. Each tour includes a knowledgeable guide to help you navigate the terrain and learn about the area’s natural attractions. If you want something even more adventurous, try their off-road ATV or snowmobile experiences. The guides will provide everything you need to make your ride enjoyable and safe. So get ready for an amazing day of exploration as you experience nature up close and personal with Runamuk Rides!

Forest Lodge Nature Trail

Pack your walking boots and a picnic; the Forest Lodge Nature Trail in Cable, Wisconsin, is an accessible, enjoyable escape with plenty of exploration. The trails consist of gravel paths and boardwalks, winding through lush pine, birch forests, and open meadows. Along the route, you’ll find wildlife viewing areas to observe birds, deer, foxes, squirrels and other animals in their natural habitat.

The trail features several educational stops to teach visitors about the local flora and fauna. You can learn about the importance of native plants to Wisconsin’s ecosystems, explore animal homes and even identify animal tracks. There are also interpretive signs that explain how forest management practices help maintain healthy forests for generations to come.

As you go along the trail, appreciate the peaceful atmosphere and surrounding beauty—from wildflowers blooming in springtime to snow-dusted trees in winter. When you reach the end of the loop, please stop at the Forest Lodge observation tower for amazing views over Lake Namakagon and its islands.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing walk or an educational nature experience, Forest Lodge Nature Trail has something special to offer everyone!

Cable Natural History Museum

The Cable Natural History Museum is a great place to explore and learn about local history, flora and fauna. Located in the heart of Cable, Wisconsin, this museum offers visitors fun and interactive displays that will keep adults and kids interested for hours. The museum has exhibits on the area’s natural history, including birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, invertebrates and plants.

In addition to these displays, the museum also offers educational enrichment programs such as birding workshops and lectures on topics like climate change or ecology. Visitors can join one of the many guided hikes through nearby forests or participate in volunteer opportunities such as restoring native habitats or monitoring wildlife populations.

The museum also features a large gift shop with unique items from local artisans, such as handmade pottery and jewellery. There is always something new to discover at the Cable Natural History Museum! From learning about the area’s diverse wildlife to finding new ways to connect with nature, this museum has something for everyone.

To sum up, Cable Wisconsin is a hub of great activities and sights that can keep anyone busy and entertained. From Cirkl North to Telemark Golf Course, Ammo’s Evergreen Tavern, Runamuk Rides, Forest Lodge Nature Trail and the Cable Natural History Museum, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this wonderful Wisconsin town. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day out or an adventurous weekend away, Cable Wisconsin offers it all!

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