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8 Best Things to Do in Afton Ok

Are you looking for some fun things to do in Afton, OK? Well, look no further! From the historic Afton Station Packard Museum to a scenic Monkey Island Trail & Hayride and the Miller Pecan Company, there’s something for everyone in this quaint town. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime at The Anchor At Shangri-La and a round of mini golf at Big Shots. Whether you’re looking to stroll or get your heart racing with thrilling activities, Afton has it all! So come on down and discover the wonders that await you in this charming Oklahoma town.

Afton Station Packard Museum

Afton Station Packard Museum is a fascinating museum located in Afton, Oklahoma. It features an array of antique automobiles and memorabilia from the early 1900s to the 1950s, preserving the history of the iconic Packard motor car. Visitors can explore the museum’s collection of classic cars, including a 1929 Packard Eight Roadster, a 1939 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe, and a 1954 Packard Patrician 400. The museum also has an extensive collection of license plates, vintage signs, old gas pumps, and other automotive artifacts. You can even find old-timey tools used by mechanics back in the day!

The museum is open every Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, and admission is only $5 per person. In addition to viewing the cars on display, you can also take part in guided tours, providing you with more insight into this important piece of American automotive history. There are also interactive displays that will let you experience what it was like to drive a classic car back in its heyday. Whether you’re an avid car enthusiast or simply looking for something unique to do during your visit to Afton, this is one attraction that you won’t want to miss!

Afton Station

Afton Station is a unique attraction in the small town of Afton, Oklahoma. Located along the historic Route 66, it houses a fantastic collection of vintage cars and memorabilia from the 1960s and 1970s. Visitors will find a variety of vintage vehicles, from classic muscle cars to pick-up trucks, all lovingly restored and displayed with pride.

The museum also features artifacts from the era, such as original neon signs, vintage gas pumps, and more. Plenty of great photo opportunities throughout the museum make for an exciting visit. For those who want to know more about the history of Route 66 and the vintage vehicles on display, guided tours provide a fascinating insight into this iconic stretch of roadway.

At Afton Station, visitors can participate in special events like car shows, swap meets, and cruises. And if you’re looking for something more interactive than just sightseeing, head to their “Cars & Coffee” event, where people come together to discuss cars and share stories from their experiences. With nostalgia and modern-day attractions, Afton Station offers something for everyone!

Nowhere on Route 66

Nowhere on Route 66 is an exciting place for visitors to Afton, Oklahoma. Located just outside town, this area was once a popular tourist stop along the famous highway. Today, it has unique attractions, such as a bison ranch and the historical All-American Roadside restaurant. Here, visitors will find a unique experience among the many features of Nowhere.

The Bison Ranch is one of the main attractions at Nowhere on Route 66. Visitors can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures while learning about their history and habits. The ranch also offers guided tours that explore the surrounding grasslands and provide information on how they are managed. Visitors can even participate in seminars and workshops that teach them more about bison culture and ecology.

The All-American Roadside restaurant serves up classic American dishes with a twist. They have everything from hamburgers to barbecue chicken and local favorites such as fried okra and baby back ribs. This restaurant also serves classic milkshakes for those looking for something sweet after their meal.

There are plenty of other things to do at Nowhere on Route 66, such as visiting antique shops full of vintage memorabilia or checking out the local art scene with several galleries featuring works from local artists. Visitors can also check out other historic sites in the area, such as Fort Coffee, built-in 1835 or Osage Mission, founded in 1840 by Presbyterians seeking to spread Christianity among Native Americans living in the region. With so much to explore at Nowhere on Route 66, there’s something for everyone!

Monkey Island Trail & Hayrides

Monkey Island Trail & Hayrides is a great place to take your family for an outdoor adventure! Located in Afton, Oklahoma, Monkey Island Trail & Hayrides offers a variety of fun and exciting activities for all ages. There’s something for everyone, from horseback riding and hayrides to hiking trails.

The main attraction at Monkey Island Trail & Hayrides is horseback riding. With over 100 miles of trails, you’ll find something for you and your family. The terrain ranges from beginner trails to more advanced trail rides. If you’re looking for a more leisurely experience, the hayride will take you around the property on a wagon pulled by two horses. You can also explore the surrounding area through several hiking trails that traverse the property.

In addition to horseback riding and hayrides, Monkey Island Trail & Hayrides also offers special events throughout the year. They have seasonal festivals such as Fall Fun Day, which includes pony rides, games and activities for children, live music, and plenty of food vendors. And once a month, they host movie night under the stars, bringing in an inflatable movie screen and showing classic movies while guests enjoy picnic-style snacks like popcorn or hot dogs.

Suppose you’re looking for an outdoor adventure with activities that will keep everyone entertained, head over to Monkey Island Trail & Hayrides in Afton, Oklahoma. In that case, it’s sure to be a memorable experience!


Shangri-La is an iconic destination located in Afton, OK. The resort and marina provide a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy during their stay. Shangri-La includes something for everyone, from the many boat slips available to be rented out to the dining options.

The resort offers a variety of amenities, including swimming pools, spa services, a fitness center and a full-service restaurant onsite. Guests can enjoy water sports such as fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Shangri-La also provides ATV rentals and access to nearby trails for those looking for more adventure.

For those looking for a unique experience when visiting Afton, Oklahoma – Shangri-La offers nightly light shows that feature lasers and music that create an unforgettable experience. Check out their website or social media pages before making your trip, so you don’t miss out!

Miller Pecan Company

The Miller Pecan Company is one of the top attractions in Afton, OK. Located just outside town, this family-run business has provided quality pecans and other products since 1923. Visitors to the Miller Pecan Company can tour the facility, learn about the processing methods used to produce their delicious treats, and even purchase items from the shop. The selection includes fresh pecans, candied pecans, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and various jams, jellies and preserves. You’ll also find unique gifts, such as t-shirts, mugs and aprons, featuring the company’s logo and slogan: “There’s nothing like real home-grown flavor!” Miller Pecan Company is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm for tours and purchases – take advantage of your chance to try some of Oklahoma’s finest treats!

Big Shots

Big Shot is a great place to indulge in some outdoor fun! Located on the banks of Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees in Afton, this family-owned business offers a large selection of paintball, laser tag and archery equipment. Whether you’re looking for something intense or want a lighthearted game with friends, Big Shots has you covered.

The facility is expansive, featuring several indoor and outdoor fields that are tailored for any activity. Paintballers will appreciate the scenarios offered in their three-themed arenas, while laser tag enthusiasts can enjoy an immersive experience with fog machines and realistic props. Archery fanatics can hone their skills on the target range, which includes a 3D course and an air-conditioned pavilion.

Big Shots also provides top-notch equipment and safety gear like masks, vests and gloves. In addition, they offer birthday packages and team-building packages, which include refreshments, appetizers and more. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or want to have fun with your friends, Big Shots is the perfect place for an unforgettable day out!

The Anchor At Shangri-la

The Anchor at Shangri-La is a great place to visit in Afton, OK. Located on Monkey Island, The Anchor offers breathtaking views of Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees and is one of the most popular spots for visitors. You will have an unforgettable time at this local hotspot, from live music to delicious food.

You can enjoy a variety of daily specials, such as $2 tacos and $3 margaritas on Tuesdays or classic steak dinners from Thursday through Saturday. Monday is always open mic night, so bring out your guitar and prepare to jam! With its incredible atmosphere and unbeatable prices, The Anchor will become one of your favorite places in Afton.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can rent a boat or jet ski for the day and explore the lake’s hidden coves and beaches with friends. Whether you want to kick back with some drinks or embark on an exciting adventure, The Anchor has just what you need. So come down to Afton and make unforgettable memories at The Anchor at Shangri-La!

If you’re looking for something to do in Afton, Oklahoma, you can go right with all the attractions mentioned in this article. Whether exploring the Afton Station Packard Museum, experiencing the nostalgia of Route 66 at Nowhere on Route 66, or taking a hayride through Monkey Island Trail, Afton has something for everyone. Plus, there are plenty of delicious options to keep your energy up along the way, including Shangri-La and Miller Pecan Company. And when you’re ready to wind down after a day of exploring, check out Big Shots or The Anchor At Shangri-la for some relaxing drinks and fun times. So come on down to Afton and make some fantastic memories!

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