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What Things to Do in St Regis MT?

Welcome to the beautiful, picturesque town of St. Regis, Montana! Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this tranquil town is a perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With stunning views of Mount Saint Regis and serene wildlife throughout the area, it’s no wonder why so many people come to explore and enjoy what St. Regis has to offer! From antiques shopping at the local travel center to hiking along the Clark Fork River Trail, there is an abundance of activities for visitors to experience in St. Regis. And let’s remember one of its most popular attractions – the Clark Fork Trout! With so much to do here, you’ll enjoy exploring all St. Regis offers!

St. Regis Travel Center

The St. Regis Travel Center is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty of St. Regis, Montana. From camping and fishing to shopping and dining, this vibrant hub has something for everyone. Located right in the heart of town, the Travel Center offers easy access to some of the most stunning scenery, including breathtaking views of the Clark Fork River Valley and nearby mountains. Whether you’re interested in hitting the trails or enjoying a leisurely day in town, the Travel Center covers all your needs.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable camping experience, the Travel Center provides a variety of campsites to choose from. With RV and tent sites available, there’s plenty of room for everyone. You can also rent out a cabin or yurt for an extended stay if you prefer more amenities than a tent or RV provides. No matter where you decide to set up camp, you’ll surely find plenty of activities nearby to keep everyone entertained while they enjoy their stay.

For those more interested in shopping and dining, the Travel Center also provides plenty of options. With several unique antique shops located right inside the center, you can browse through an array of treasures that make great souvenirs or gifts for family back home. Several restaurants also serve delicious meals ranging from traditional American fare to Mexican cuisine, so everyone can find something they love!

In addition to its great selection of shops and eateries, the St. Regis Travel Center also offers plenty of outdoor opportunities, such as hiking through scenic trails and fishing at nearby spots like Crazy Creek or Trout Lake Creek. So no matter what kind of adventure you seek during your stay in St. Regis, Montana – it can be found here!

The Place of Antiques

The Place of Antiques in St. Regis, Montana, is a must-visit for any antique lover. With its wide selection of antiques from the 1800s to the present, it’s an ideal spot to find unique treasures. There’s something for everyone here, from old tools and kitchenware to furniture and textiles. Whether you’re looking for a family heirloom or something interesting, the Place of Antiques has you covered.

The store also offers restoration services to help keep your antiques in their best condition. Whether polishing metal or restoring wood, they can do it all! If you’re looking to give your furniture a new look, the store also offers custom painting and staining options.

And if you need help finding an item or have any questions about the antiques at The Place of Antiques, their knowledgeable staff is always available to help out. They can provide information on pricing and availability and offer advice on properly caring for your antiques.

So if you’re in St Regis and want to browse through some great antiques, make sure to stop by The Place of Antiques! You won’t be disappointed!

Clark Fork River Trail

The Clark Fork River Trail is a great way to explore the beauty of St. Regis, Montana. This trail offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys and the opportunity to spot some wildlife along the way. The trail covers 18 miles, with terrain ranging from easy flat spots to more challenging hills and rocky sections.

Along this scenic path, you will cross several bridges, giving you an even better view of the area. As you travel, be sure to take time to enjoy the peacefulness that comes with being surrounded by nature. Watch for bald eagles soaring in the sky above or deer grazing in nearby fields.

The Clark Fork River Trail is perfect for hikers, runners, and cyclists. Whether your goal is a stroll or an intense workout, this trail has something for everyone! There are also opportunities for fishing and camping along the river if you want to make a day of it. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why this is one of St. Regis’ most beloved outdoor activities!

Clark Fork Trout

Clark Fork Trout is a great way to experience the beauty and adventure of St. Regis, Montana. The Clark Fork River offers some of the best opportunities for catching trout in the area, including brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout. The river is home to numerous species of fish, so you are sure to enjoy a variety of experiences when fishing in this area.

The Clark Fork River is easily accessible from US Highway 93 and features wading and streams fishing opportunities. You can find many deep pools where you can cast your line and wait for that big catch. There are also plenty of fast-moving riffles where you can drift with the current to search out active fish. Fly fishing with dry flies is an especially popular way to target trout on the Clark Fork River.

Fishing on the Clark Fork River requires a valid Montana Fishing License, so check the local regulations before heading out on the water. If you’re new to fly fishing or just looking for some help getting started, several experienced guides in St. Regis will be more than happy to provide lessons or take you out on a guided fly fishing tour of the local waters.

Whether it’s your first time casting a line or your hundredth time trying for that trophy trout, fishing on the Clark Fork River is an unforgettable experience!


In conclusion, St. Regis Mountain is a captivating destination with many things to explore. From visiting the St. Regis Travel Center to discovering the Place of Antiques, walking along the Clark Fork River Trail, or even fishing for trout, this destination has something for everyone! Thanks to its natural beauty, rich history and diverse range of activities, St. Regis Mountain is one of those places you’ll never forget visiting and will always cherish in your heart.

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