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Things to Do in Groton MA

Living in Groton, MA, can be a wonderful experience for people looking for fun things to do! With its proximity to Boston, Groton offers an array of activities and attractions everyone can enjoy. From paddling down the Nashoba River to exploring Bancroft’s Castle, plenty of exciting possibilities exist! Plus, with the Groton History Center, Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Autumn Hills Orchard, Luina Greine Farm, Gibbet Hill Barn and Trails, and the Body Mind Spirit Salon and Day Spa, you can find activities that suit all types of interests. So if you’re looking for unique experiences in this charming Massachusetts town, read on to discover all the amazing things to do in Groton!

Nashoba Paddler

Nashoba Paddler is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers looking to explore Groton, MA. From kayaking on the winding rivers of the town to exploring the lush forests, Nashoba Paddler offers a wide range of experiences that are sure to satisfy all levels of adventurers. With an array of activities such as canoeing, fishing, hiking, and camping available in one convenient location, Nashoba Paddler is the ideal spot for anyone looking to get outside and enjoy what Groton offers.

The staff at Nashoba Paddler are passionate about their work and offer personalized service for each customer. From offering knowledge about different areas of Groton to helping you find the best route for your adventure, they will ensure you have everything you need for a safe and successful time out in nature. The team also provides helpful tips on how to get around using the local waterways so that you can make the most out of your trip.

At Nashoba Paddler, safety is their top priority, and they provide lifejackets and other safety equipment to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. They also offer fishing licenses for those looking to do some angling during their visit. With plenty of room for friends or family members who want to join your excursion at no extra cost, Nashoba Paddler ensures that everyone has a great time while being safe.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Groton, MA, Nashoba Paddler is your go-to place! Whether taking a leisurely paddle down a river or fishing with friends, this locally-owned business ensures that all visitors have an amazing time outdoors!

Groton History Center

The Groton History Center is a great place to explore the history of Groton, MA. Located on Main Street in Groton, the center offers visitors a chance to learn about the town’s rich past through its exhibits and programs. Take a step back in time and learn how Groton developed from an agricultural village to a bustling mill town. The center also features archives, photographs, artifacts and documents that help tell the area’s story. From learning about Native American culture to exploring the town’s Revolutionary War past, there is plenty to discover at this wonderful museum. Additionally, guided tours are offered, which provide visitors with further insight into the history of this region. Whether you’re interested in learning more about local culture or want to explore some history, the Groton History Center will be an enjoyable experience!

Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful, tranquil nature preserve in Groton, Massachusetts. The sanctuary offers visitors a chance to explore its rich variety of flora and fauna. With over 300 acres of woodlands, wetlands, meadows and ponds to explore, visitors can enjoy various activities from birdwatching to hiking. Visitors can also participate in educational programs offered by the sanctuary or relax and take in the beauty of the surroundings.

The butterfly garden is one of the most popular attractions at Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. This garden contains more than 11 species of butterflies that flutter among the plants and flowers, making it an ideal spot for photography or just enjoying nature. The sanctuary also has an observation deck where visitors can look closely at some resident wildlife, such as hawks, owls, beavers, and turtles.

The sanctuary also features several trails for walking and biking. These trails are well-maintained and offer different difficulty levels so that everyone can enjoy them, from beginners to experienced hikers. Visitors may also find artifacts along these trails, such as arrowheads or fossils from past inhabitants.

For those looking for a more relaxing experience, Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary has many areas for picnicking or just sitting back to take in the sights and sounds of nature. The sanctuary also provides educational programs that teach visitors about local wildlife and provide hands-on learning experiences with nature-related activities like plant identification or animal tracking.

No matter what activity you choose at Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, you will surely enjoy exploring this tranquil oasis in Groton, Massachusetts!

Autumn Hills Orchard

Autumn Hills Orchard is a great place to visit in Groton, MA. Located just a few miles from the town center, this family-run orchard offers fresh fruit, vegetables, and many other products, including jams, jellies, honey, cider, and more. During harvest, visitors can pick their own apples and enjoy the scenic view of rolling hillsides and lush green pastures that make up this picturesque area. The orchard also features a petting zoo for children to enjoy and hay rides and pony rides for all ages. On weekends there are special events like music concerts, festivals and craft fairs throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for something fun with your family or want some delicious apple pie, Autumn Hills Orchard has something for everyone!

Bancroft’s Castle

Set in the heart of Groton, Massachusetts, Bancroft’s Castle is a stunning historic landmark that has been around since 1684. The castle was built by Nehemiah Bancroft and his family on their farm and is believed to be the oldest standing building in the town. It was used as a residence until it fell into disrepair in the late 19th century.

Today, the castle is owned by the Groton Historical Society and is open to visitors. Guests can explore the spacious grounds of the estate or take a tour of the castle, which features artifacts from its long history. Inside, you’ll find period furniture, old tools and equipment from early settlers, and fascinating facts about life in this area during colonial times.

The castle offers guided tours for those who want a more detailed exploration of its past. Visitors can also participate in local experts’ educational workshops to learn about traditional crafts such as spinning wool or making soap.

On top of all this, Bancroft’s Castle hosts several special events throughout the year, such as re-enactments of historic battles or historical plays. These events are great for families looking to glimpse what life was like centuries ago while also having fun!

No matter what brings you to Bancroft’s Castle, it’s sure to leave you with an unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget!

Luina Greine Farm

Luina Greine Farm is a family-run farm in Groton, MA. Situated on nearly fifty acres of scenic countryside, the farm offers a range of activities for visitors of all ages.

Take a guided tour and learn about the various crops grown on the property, including hay, corn, wheat, and soybeans. Visitors can also participate in fun activities like picking strawberries or apples from the orchard or exploring the farm’s extensive gardens. Luina Greine Farm also has a petting zoo for visitors looking to relax with plenty of animals to feed and interact with.

In addition to its agricultural offerings, Luina Greine Farm hosts special events such as live concerts and festivals. There are also plenty of opportunities for shopping at their farm store, where visitors can purchase local produce, handmade crafts and other unique items.

For those looking for an escape from city life, Luina Greine Farm offers something for everyone. Whether you want to explore new sights or relax in nature’s calming embrace, this will surely be a memorable experience!

Gibbet Hill Barn and Trails

Gibbet Hill Barn and Trails is an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts in Groton, MA. Located on the grounds of Gibbet Hill Farm, this area offers a variety of activities to explore and enjoy. The trails meander through woods, pastures and wetlands, providing a tranquil and peaceful setting. Those looking to experience nature up close can observe birds, deer, turtles and other wildlife as they make their way around the trails.

For those of all ages interested in learning more about the area’s history, the barn at Gibbet Hill Farm is home to many centuries-old artifacts. Inside the barn, visitors can glimpse some of the original farming equipment used when colonists first settled on this land in the 1700s. Additionally, several informational panels provide further insight into how life was lived in colonial Groton.

The trails around Gibbet Hill Farm also provide opportunities for recreational activities like biking or horseback riding. Visitors can bring bicycles or rent them from nearby shops to explore the scenic pathways that wind through fields and forests here. For those interested in horseback riding experiences, local stables offer guided rides with experienced trail masters who will lead you along these beautiful trails throughout Groton, MA!

Body, Mind, Spirit Salon And Day Spa

Relax and rejuvenate at the Body, Mind, Spirit Salon and Day Spa in Groton, MA. Here you will find various services to help you unwind and restore balance to your life. From massage therapy and body scrubs to facials and waxing services, you can customize your experience with one of their many treatments. They also offer special packages for couples or bridal parties. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a special occasion celebration, the expert staff at Body, Mind, Spirit Salon can make it an unforgettable experience. And remember the amazing retail selection that features natural skin care products from leading holistic brands, essential oils, and other therapeutic items. So come on in and let the amazing Body, Mind, and Spirit Salon team take care of all your relaxation needs!

Visiting Groton, MA, is an unforgettable experience, filled with many things to do and see. From exploring historic sites such as Bancroft’s Castle to relaxing at the Body Mind Spirit Salon & Day Spa, plenty of activities keep you entertained. Take a canoe trip down the Nashoba Paddler or explore the Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary for outdoor fun. Remember to visit Autumn Hills Orchard for fresh produce or Gibbet Hill Barn and Trails for stunning views. Whatever you decide to do during your stay in Groton, MA, take some time out of your day and visit Luina Greine Farm for a unique farming experience!

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