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14 Things to Do in Goodland KS

Goodland, Kansas, is an idyllic town with many interesting things to see and do. From the Giant van Gogh painting to the White Eagle Gas Station and even the Kidder Massacre, you’ll never run out of activities and points of interest in Goodland! Whether you’re looking for a place to explore history or to get your artistic juices flowing, Goodland has something for everyone. With its high plains museum, America’s first patented helicopter, Ennis-Handy House, Clark Crossing Co., Carnegie Arts Center and Sherman Theatre, there are plenty of cultural experiences in the area. Plus, the Land & Sky Scenic Byway offers breathtaking views, while The Giant Grasshopper adds an element of fun. So come explore all Goodland offers – you won’t regret it!

The Giant Van Gogh Painting

If you’re looking for something unique and interesting to do in Goodland, Kansas, then The Giant Van Gogh Painting is a must-see. Located at the corner of First Street and Main Avenue, this massive mural depicts the iconic painting Starry Night by the renowned 19th-century artist Vincent van Gogh. This impressive art is larger than life – it stands 30 feet high and 40 feet wide! Visitors can observe the many details of this beautiful painting, from the swirls of stars in the night sky to the small village nestled in a valley below. It’s truly mesmerizing to behold! In addition to taking photos and appreciating its beauty, visitors can purchase souvenir postcards with images of The Giant Van Gogh Painting. So if you’re ever passing through Goodland, don’t forget to take a moment and admire this incredible piece of art!

High Plains Museum/America’s First Patented Helicopter

High Plains Museum in Goodland, KS, is home to the world’s largest painting of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” At over 6,000 square feet and with nearly two million individual pieces of glass, this majestic painting provides a stunning visual experience for museum visitors. In addition to the giant van Gogh painting, the High Plains Museum also features an indoor helicopter exhibit of America’s first patented helicopter. The Bell-47 was built in 1947 and revolutionized the fledgling aviation industry. Visitors can learn more about this incredible invention and its importance to American history by viewing the full-scale model on display and interacting with museum guides. The High Plains Museum is a great place to explore Kansas’ past and get a unique look at one of America’s most iconic inventions!

The White Eagle Gas Station

The White Eagle Gas Station, located in Goodland, Kansas, is an iconic landmark that reminds visitors of the history and culture of the area. Built in 1929, this vintage gas station reminds people of a simpler time when they could pull up in their cars and fill up for a few cents. Today, the White Eagle has been preserved carefully to keep its original charm intact. The gas station’s interior is still decorated with old-fashioned signs and memorabilia from its heyday.

The stations exterior features an eye-catching grey brick facade with white trim and lettering. At night, it’s especially impressive as the building is illuminated with white spotlights. Visitors can take pictures or admire this unique piece of Americana from afar.

Inside, visitors can find a variety of souvenirs and collectibles related to the station’s history, such as postcards, books, photographs and more. There’s also a snack bar where patrons can enjoy some tasty treats while they peruse the merchandise or relax after a long day of exploring Goodland’s attractions.

The White Eagle Gas Station is important to Goodland’s history and culture today. It continues to draw visitors from all over who experience its historic charm firsthand. Whether you’re just looking for a quick photo opportunity or want to take home some souvenirs from your visit, there’s no doubt that The White Eagle Gas Station should be at the top of your list when visiting Goodland!

Clark Crossing Co.

Clark Crossing Co. is a unique shopping experience in Goodland, KS. This family-owned business is located on Main Street and has provided quality products and services since 1896. Here you can find everything from home decor to clothing to furniture. The store also offers custom design services for upholstery, draperies and wallpaper. With such a wide selection of items, Clark Crossing Co. will surely have something for everyone!

The store’s selection of home decor includes wall art, mirrors, lamps and more. They also carry a variety of furniture pieces, from bedroom sets to dining tables to outdoor seating. The custom design services are great for those looking to spruce their homes with personalized touches like curtains or reupholstering couches and chairs.

Regarding clothing, Clark Crossing Co. has something for all ages and sizes. They have the perfect outfit for any occasion, from casual to formal attire. Plus, they offer alterations if needed, so you can ensure your outfit fits perfectly!

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas or want to treat yourself, Clark Crossing Co. is the place to go in Goodland, KS! With its wide selection of products and services, you can find something special here at this family-owned business.

Ennis-Handy House

The Ennis-Handy House is a fine example of historical architecture in Goodland, KS. Built-in 1910, this two-story home features all the charm and character of a turn-of-the-century home. The Ennis-Handy House is also home to the first family to settle in Goodland, with descendants still living there. Step inside this historic home and explore its intricate woodwork, original hardwood floors, and decorative fireplaces. Enjoy the intricate woodwork throughout the house that local carpenters handcrafted. Take some time to appreciate the many artifacts from the early days of Goodland that are on display throughout the house, such as an old sewing machine, books, quilts and artefacts from Kansas’s past. Visitors can also learn about the importance of agriculture in Goodland’s history. A great way to experience this unique piece of history is to try one of their guided tours every Saturday in the summer.

High Plains Museum

High Plains Museum is an interesting and educational place in Goodland, Kansas. This museum is home to America’s first patented helicopter, the Aetna-A, which was made in 1948 by Philip Handy. In addition to this incredible piece of aviation history, visitors will also find a variety of other artifacts at the High Plains Museum, such as items from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Visitors can also get a glimpse into the past with tools used for farming and domestic purposes from years gone by. Other displays include Native American artefacts, photographs, memorabilia from local businesses and organizations, and much more. The museum is open year-round and offers guided tours on Saturdays during the summer months. High Plains Museum is one of Goodland’s must-see attractions with its rich history and interesting exhibits!

Giant Van Gogh Painting

Goodland, KS, is home to one of the unique attractions in America: The Giant Van Gogh Painting! This massive piece of art was created by local artist Kathy Wimbleton and measures 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide. It’s a vibrant interpretation of one of Van Gogh’s classic works, “The Starry Night,” and depicts a star-filled night sky with swirling clouds and an illuminated village below.

The painting is located on the west side of town near the High Plains Museum and offers visitors a chance to experience a modern take on one of Van Gogh’s most beloved works. You can stand back and marvel at the scale and detail in this stunning recreation or get up close for an even more impressive view. Bring your camera to capture amazing photos against this beautiful backdrop!

The painting is made from durable acrylic paint that has been specially treated, so it won’t fade or crack over time. Experience this incredible piece of art yourself when you visit Goodland, KS!

United Telephone Building

The United Telephone Building in Goodland, KS, is an iconic landmark, boasting a modern Art Deco style and stately facade. Built in 1934, the building was originally a telephone exchange centre for the United Telephone Company. Today, it has been refurbished to house offices and retail spaces.

Visitors can appreciate the vintage architecture of the building with its glass windows and angular lines. On the exterior of the building, there are two sculptures representing communication technology from the period – a phone booth and a rotary dial telephone. Visitors can admire ornate wood wainscoting and marble floors with intricate geometric patterns.

The United Telephone Building is also home to some unique artworks, including a large mural depicting an industrial landscape with factories and smokestacks. In addition, a bronze sculpture titled “Time” symbolizes progress through communication technology. The building also offers historical artifacts from its past life as a telephone exchange center on display for visitors to explore.

Whether you’re looking for an interesting stop on your tour of Goodland, KS or want to take in some local history, check out the United Telephone Building!

Carnegie Arts Center

The Carnegie Arts Center in Goodland, Kansas, is a local favorite for art lovers and history buffs. Located in the historic Carnegie Library building, the center showcases artwork from local and regional artists and works from renowned painters throughout history.

Visitors can explore various art pieces, including traditional oil paintings, watercolours and mixed media work. The galleries provide something for everyone, with rotating exhibitions that feature everything from abstracts to landscapes. In addition to the ever-changing displays, the center houses several permanent collections, such as the world-renowned Van Gogh painting “The White Eagle.”

The Carnegie Arts Center is also an educational resource for Goodland locals and visitors. The centre offers classes and workshops throughout the year on topics ranging from photography to pottery making and even silk painting. Special events are held each month, such as lectures by prominent artists or community gatherings designed to bring people together for a night of entertainment. These activities make it easy to enjoy the arts regardless of skill level or interest level.

So if you’re looking for something fun and creative to do in Goodland, KS, be sure to check out the Carnegie Arts Center! With its unique atmosphere and variety of art pieces on display, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Sherman Theatre

Sherman Theatre is ideal for culture enthusiasts and theatre-goers in Goodland, KS. Located at 810 Main Street, the theatre is the home of live stage performances, films and special events throughout the year.

The theatre’s unique architecture and design are worth noting. Its Moorish-style facade featuring a large domed cupola gives visitors an exotic atmosphere even before entering the building. Guests will find a stunning auditorium with up to 400 patrons in comfortable chairs. The high ceilings and ornate decorations add to its grandeur.

The Sherman Theatre had entertained audiences since it opened in 1927 as a vaudeville house for traveling performers. Today, it brings local talent from around the region for plays and musicals, including Grease, Footloose and The Wizard of Oz. During summer, patrons can enjoy movies under the stars on Saturday nights in their outdoor theatre.

The venue also hosts art shows featuring local artists’ works and community events such as holiday celebrations or fundraisers throughout the year. To stay updated with what’s happening at Sherman Theatre, check out their website or follow them on social media!

Land & Sky Scenic Byway

The Land & Sky Scenic Byway is a 48-mile stretch in and around Goodland, KS. It offers beautiful views of the Kansas plains and breathtaking sunsets. Along the way, you will pass through small towns and historic sites such as Sherman Theatre, Clark Crossing Co., United Telephone Building and Carnegie Arts Center. You can also take in some of the area’s unique attractions, like The Giant Grasshopper and the Kidder Massacre site. This scenic byway is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life and experience some peace and solitude. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or looking to explore some of Kansas’ history, this byway has something for everyone!

The Giant Grasshopper

Goodland, Kansas, may not be the first destination on your list when planning a vacation. Still, one unique sight should be on the itinerary of any traveler in the area – The Giant Grasshopper.

Located just off I-70, The Giant Grasshopper is a roadside attraction that has delighted visitors since it was built in 1941. This 28-foot-tall sculpture of a grasshopper made of concrete stands atop a hill overlooking the town, and its bright colours make it an unmistakable landmark.

Visitors to The Giant Grasshopper can enjoy taking pictures with this iconic structure and admiring the intricate details that make up the sculpture. The grasshopper’s wings appear to be about to take flight off into the distant horizon while its legs are bent and ready to jump up into the air!

The Giant Grasshopper is especially popular among kids from all over to see it; they often use it as an opportunity for creative photo ops and fun poses. It also makes for a great family outing or date spot, so if you’re looking for something unique and memorable while visiting Goodland, look no further than The Giant Grasshopper!

Kidder Massacre

Take a step back in time and learn about the history of Goodland, KS, at the Kidder Massacre Memorial. Located just outside of town, this memorial marks the spot of one of the bloodiest conflicts between Native Americans and settlers in western Kansas. Visitors can take a self-guided tour to learn more about this tragic event. On display is a replica of a set of three tipis that were burned during the conflict. Additionally, visitors can read about the story behind this monument and the people involved. The memorial offers a peaceful atmosphere for visitors to reflect on and honour those affected by the Kidder Massacre.

Soldiers Memorial Park

Soldiers Memorial Park in Goodland, KS, is great for locals and visitors. This park is home to the annual Sherman County Veterans Day Parade and Celebration, which honours veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The park also has a memorial wall dedicated to all veterans who have died serving their country.

Several amenities are available at Soldiers Memorial Park, including benches, picnic areas, and play equipment. Visitors can enjoy outdoor concerts and movies at the park’s amphitheater during summer. There is also a skateboard/BMX area where extreme sports enthusiasts can practice their skills. The park also offers many recreational activities, such as basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and volleyball courts. Visitors can use the park’s trails for walking, running or biking.

The main highlight of Soldiers Memorial Park is its beautiful display of flags from each branch of the U.S. military which lines the park walls along with an impressive American flag that flies above it all. This stunning display reminds us of those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and safety.

Visitors can also participate in special events held at Soldiers Memorial Park, such as Veteran’s Day ceremonies on November 11th or Easter egg hunts during Spring break. Local organizations offer several educational programs about military history annually open to all ages. Whether visiting Goodland, KS, just for a day trip or making it your permanent home, check out this wonderful place that honors our country’s heroes!

Goodland, KS, offers a variety of interesting activities for all sorts of visitors and locals alike. From the Giant Van Gogh Painting to the High Plains Museum/America’s First Patented Helicopter, there is something for everyone. The White Eagle Gas Station and Clark Crossing Co. are great places to explore history and culture, while the Ennis-Handy House provides a glimpse into the past. For those looking for entertainment, there’s the High Plains Museum, Giant Van Gogh Painting, United Telephone Building and Carnegie Arts Center. Other attractions include Sherman Theatre, Land & Sky Scenic Byway, The Giant Grasshopper, Kidder Massacre and Soldiers Memorial Park. There is something in Goodland, KS, for everyone!

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