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6 Best Things to Do in Fort Valley GA

When you think of Fort Valley, Georgia, plenty of activities and attractions entertain you. From exploring the outdoors to visiting historical sites to enjoying a round of golf or a show at the theater, Fort Valley has something for everyone. With Lane Southern Orchards, Pearson Farm, Massee Lane Gardens, Pine Needles Country Club and Austin Theater all steps away from each other, it’s easy to plan a full day of fun for your family or friends in Fort Valley!

At Lane Southern Orchards, you can pick your fruit from their 60 acres of peaches and over 20 varieties of apples. You can also participate in educational programs like the Peach Blossom Tours in May that let you explore the beauty and history behind this local favorite. At Pearson Farm, you’ll find incredible homemade jams, jellies and other seasonal produce that will make your mouth water. And you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. In that case, Massee Lane Gardens is the perfect spot for you with its historic headquarters of the American Camellia Society and its breathtaking natural beauty.

If golfing is more your thing, try Pine Needles Country Club, where you can tee off on a championship course surrounded by nature’s serene beauty or take lessons at their PGA-approved Golf Academy. And if you’re looking for nightlife entertainment, then make sure to take advantage of the Austin Theater, which offers live performances throughout the year featuring music and theatre alike. So explore all that Fort Valley has to offer – it’s sure to be an experience like no other!

Lane Southern Orchards

If you’re looking for a fun and enjoyable experience in Fort Valley, Georgia, then Lane Southern Orchards is the perfect place to visit. Located on Highway 96, this incredible farm has served customers delicious fruits and vegetables for over 100 years.

At Lane Southern Orchards, visitors can participate in various activities, including pick-your-own fruit experiences and hayrides. The orchard has a wide selection of fruits, such as apples, peaches, nectarines and pears. When it comes time to pick your fruit, guests can select from more than 20 varieties of apples and 15 different kinds of peaches.

In addition to picking their fruit, visitors can enjoy various other activities at Lane Southern Orchards. Wagon rides around the property will give you an up-close look at the orchard’s many acres of crops. At certain times throughout the year, you can even go behind the scenes and learn about farming techniques used by the staff at Lane Southern Orchards.

The shop at Lane Southern Orchards carries a wide selection of jams, jellies, sauces and pies made from fresh ingredients grown right on the farm. Visitors can also purchase gift boxes filled with delicious treats from the orchard to share with friends and family back home.

If you’re looking for an exciting day trip in Fort Valley, GA, head to Lane Southern Orchards for some delicious fresh fruits and fun activities!

Pearson Farm

Pearson Farm is a family-owned peach orchard in Fort Valley, Georgia. Since 1885, the Pearson family has provided Georgia with delicious peaches and other fruit used to make jams, jellies, and preserves. They also offer a variety of activities for visitors, such as exploring the orchards, picking fruits, and even having a picnic.

Their signature farm product is their deliciously sweet peaches that ripen from May through September. You can pick your peaches or buy them pre-picked in various sizes depending on how much you need. They also have a variety of other fruits like apples, nectarines, plums, pears and even watermelons available throughout the season as well as homemade ciders and jams.

At Pearson Farm, there are plenty of activities to enjoy during your visit, including hayrides around the orchard, where you can learn about their centuries-old farming practices. There are also educational tours that detail the different varieties of peach trees they grow and how they’re harvested. And if you prefer to relax while enjoying the fresh air, take advantage of the many picnic tables throughout the property.

The staff at Pearson Farm are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about everything related to their farm products, making it easy for visitors to learn more about what goes into growing these delicious fruit treats. So if you’re looking for a great place to spend quality time outdoors while learning more about agriculture, head to Pearson Farm!

Massee Lane Gardens

Massee Lane Gardens offers a tranquil and breathtaking experience for all visitors. Located near Fort Valley, Georgia, this 18-acre botanical garden is the headquarters of the American Camellia Society and home to over 400 varieties of plants, including camellias, azaleas, Japanese maples, magnolias and more.

The gardens offer something for everyone: from nature trails to take in the beauty of the landscape to outdoor classrooms where visitors can learn about local flora and fauna. Visitors can also enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds or a stroll through the garden’s winding paths. The grounds are perfect for photography or painting and hosting special events such as weddings or corporate gatherings.

There are two main areas within Massee Lane Gardens. One area dedicated to camellias features a large selection of camellia species worldwide. There is also an area devoted to native plants and trees found in Georgia’s Piedmont region. In addition to these gardens, the grounds also include several other attractions, such as a Japanese Tea Garden, Nature Center Pavilion and Gift Shop.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape from everyday life or want to learn more about plants native to Georgia, Massee Lane Gardens has something for everyone!


Pine Needles Country Club is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a place to play golf with friends or family. Located in Fort Valley, Georgia, this 18-hole course offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area and pristine greens for an enjoyable game. The club also boasts a pro shop, driving range, and putting green where you can hone your skills before hitting the fairways. After your round, take some time to relax in the clubhouse restaurant, which serves up delicious meals and drinks to refuel after your time on the links. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just starting, Pine Needles Country Club will surely provide a great experience!

Austin Theater

Experience a unique night out at the Austin Theater in Fort Valley, GA, the perfect place to enjoy a movie or your favorite show. Located near Macon and Warner Robins, this beloved theater has entertained locals and visitors since 1954.

The theater’s classic neon sign stands proudly outside, beckoning people in for an unforgettable time. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with comfortable seating and an impressive concession stand serving delicious popcorn, candy and drinks.

At Austin Theater, you can watch all the latest box office hits from Hollywood and classic films from decades past. They also regularly host special events like sing-alongs and film festivals that are always a hit.

In addition to their regular screenings, they also offer 3D movies that take viewers on a thrilling journey of sight and sound beyond what standard screens can provide. If you’re looking for something more low-key than a movie, why not check out one of their live performances? This theater has something for everyone!

So why not plan your next evening out at Austin Theater? With its comfortable seats, great concessions stand and exciting lineup of films, live shows and other events, it’s sure to be an experience you will remember!


Massee Lane Gardens Historic Headquarters of the American Camellia Society is one of the unique places to visit in Fort Valley, GA. Located in the heart of Peach County, this hidden gem is home to an amazing array of camellias and many other flowering plants and trees. The entire garden is surrounded by a beautiful white fence, creating a picture-perfect setting for visitors.

The garden has numerous attractions, including various camellias, a small pond with turtles and ducks, lovely walkways and bridges, fountains and even a small chapel. It also features several large magnolia trees, which can be seen from the garden entrance.

Massee Lane Gardens houses some significant artifacts from the American Camellia Society’s past for those interested in their history. There are displays about the organization’s founding and early years and exhibits dedicated to George Washington Carver and his work with camellias. Visitors can also take guided tours throughout the grounds that provide insights into how these beautiful flowers were cultivated over two hundred years ago.

If you’re looking for something fun while visiting Fort Valley, Massee Lane Gardens Historic Headquarters of the American Camellia Society is worth checking out! Whether looking for a peaceful stroll through nature or a glimpse into America’s past, this garden will give you both!


Lane Southern Orchards is a family-run business in Fort Valley, Georgia, producing the finest quality peaches, nectarines, and other fruits since 1908. They also offer various jams, jellies, syrups, preserves, and candies like their famous peach cobbler jam and homemade peanut brittle. For visitors, Lane Southern Orchards offers an array of activities like hayrides through the orchards to pick your fruits; participating in fun-filled festivals like the Peach Blossom Festival; sampling fresh fruits picked right from the trees; learning about different methods of preserving fruits at their canning demonstrations; taking a tour of the processing plant where you get to see how the delicious treats are made; and even having lunch at their onsite restaurant. There’s something for everyone here – toddlers to adults – and everyone will have a great time!

Fort Valley, Georgia, has many activities to keep you entertained and intrigued, from Lane Southern Orchards and Pearson Farm, where you can pick your fruits and vegetables, to Massee Lane Gardens and PINE NEEDLES COUNTRY CLUB, where you can enjoy some outdoor recreation. There is also the Austin Theater which provides entertainment for all ages. Finally, take advantage of the MASSEE LANE GARDENS HISTORIC HEADQUARTERS OF THE AMERICAN CAMELLIA SOCIETY, which offers an educational experience about the history of Camellia plants in the area. With so much to do in Fort Valley, there’s something for everyone!

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